Welcome to the Budget Cart PRO Blog!

Budget Cart PRO started life as most other products and software you’ve come to know and love.

As an idea.

An idea that ended up saving my family a lot of money over time.

I know what you are thinking. “Oh great—a bold financial claim with no specific numbers to back it up. What makes this Android app different than the thousands of others?”

And you would be right—we have come to expect certain things to be done for us automatically and we don’t expect to have to put too much effort into normal daily tasks as we once did.

Shopping for groceries is a great example of this. We now have the ability to simply log into a website, text a concierge delivery service, or pick up the phone and dial a number to have groceries delivered right to our doors. While these types of services are convenient and can work for many busy families, many of us cannot justify the delivery fees and the lack of choice when it comes to selecting fresh produce, and we often miss out on unique sales and products we would not be aware of had we not gone shopping ourselves.

So, back to this idea that became Budget Cart PRO. Often while shopping in stores we tend to be distracted by other people, colorful advertisements, and the general layout of the store that requires us to travel to all four corners of said store in search of the products that make up our shopping lists. Milk is always in the back, fresh produce to the right or left, the deli counter near the middle—all designed to get us to see the whole store and entice us to fill our shopping carts up with extra items. I can’t tell you how many times I have simply paid for every item in my shopping cart because, “well I am at the cashier anyway and this extra spending isn’t so bad”. Well, it is…overspending is something that adds up over time and is not something we truly take notice of until we balance our checkbooks at the end of the month.

One day the idea hit me: what if I could just speak and add products directly to an application and have it not only account for sales tax, but coupons and discounts as well? Sounds simple enough. Too simple maybe? I went one step further: what if this application could both warn me when I get close to a set budget and then warn me again when I go over it? A kind of helper application that actively keeps me on budget AND tracks my spending in store. I set to work that night sketching out my idea and a year later Budget Cart PRO was born.

What will you use Budget Cart PRO for Android for?